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The Big Picture

In the wisdom of time that test men’s minds, in the suffering of nations, in a surrender of silences in evening when we cry, the years woven and interwoven with tears, the rose remembered tenderly when winter came without flowers, the earth and church in ruins in the tide of revolutions, the death of empire, when tensions rise, when we fall like the leaves of Eden in the surrender to death.

But when freedom whispers, when freedom be heard, when freedom be found, when freedom stands, and we get up again, we seek to find peace in the vestiges of a war-torn world when freedom speaks through tears the moment we surrender to Him.

When Men Fall by Dominic Mance © 2017

The United Nations was formed out of the rubble of back-to-back world conflagrations in the first half of the twentieth century and birthed into existence as the curtain closed on WW II. Envisioned by great men with big ideas like Drs. Albert Schweitzer, Albert Einstein and Sir Winston Churchill, it was seen as a vehicle to avert the ravages of war and wholesale slaughter of humanity by replacing global conflict with cooperation.

But what has become of their noble cause which has spawned an alphabet soup of supra-governmental organizations from New York to Brussels with acronyms like UN, EU, IMF and NATO just to name a few? These international “architecture” institutions which seek to reorder the balance of power of nations like pawns on a chessboard and re-engineer everything from our thought patterns to our pocketbooks by means of their own political ideology. A godless system called secular humanism in which technocrats determine what is best for society and then ask world leaders to adopt their agenda which is then integrated into each respective country’s national policy seeping downward to lower echelons of government while sprouting tentacles upward through grassroots advocacy promulgated by a comprehensive network of organizations and individuals in association with the UN until every aspect of society has been permeated including our culture, schools and media.

Sound farfetched? Well, it’s already happening, and has been for a very long time. Ever wonder why the news doesn’t make sense anymore and why every decision that politicians make seemingly contravenes all rationality? I mean, why would they give our archenemy billions to build big bombs to blow us up or welcome peoples from hostile lands determined to destroy us? Do you honestly believe that they are so lacking in common sense that upon hearing of burglaries in their own neighborhoods would unlock their front doors and leave guns out for the thieves? And why are they naively called socialists by some? They want socialism for us not for themselves; it's a simple matter of who controls the capital, the people or the government.

Let me explain it this way. When I was a kid, my siblings and I watched the wrestling matches on TV after Saturday morning cartoons. We got so worked up that we’d wrestle each other; and believe me, you didn’t want to find yourself stuck in my big brother’s leg-hold called the “Scissors.” One week, the wrestlers in white won, and the next, the ones in black. Even at four-and-a-half, it looked fishy and I wondered if it was an act. And that’s exactly what happens when we get caught up in the rough-and-tumble of political theater and fail to see the forces at play at the top of the heap.

But if we just set our sights higher, we'll get a clearer picture of geopolitical strategy and therefore reality; and must then ask ourselves, do we really want central planners that we didn't even elect, as well-intentioned as they may be, micromanaging every aspect of our lives? And if not, what can be done to right the course upon which the sail has been set since the last century to turn the ship around, dare I say, back to the Judeo-Christian principles upon which great nations like the United States were founded?

World leaders from around the globe adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals aimed to eliminate poverty, protect the planet and create a better future for all by 2030, all admirable causes to be sure until you drill down to the nitty-gritty to see how they intend to do it. Which reminds me, whatever happened to those white-collared missionaries of old that once traveled far and wide attending to the needs of suffering humanity; have they abdicated their role as a shining light in a dark world? And what happened to "plain old folks" who just took care of each other instead of looking for ways for the government to do it? Because, therein lies the problem; it'’s us! When asked by people what they could for world peace, Mother Teresa simply responded, “Go home and love your family.”

I will be exploring these important topics more thoroughly in my next report which I intend to tackle as soon as I’m finished separating the paper from the plastic, the bottles from the cans and the wheat from the chaff for the trash.


Dominic Mance reached the pinnacle of success as an international banker but walked away from it all and became a homeless vagabond overnight then reemerged from the ashes to become an author, artist, composer and broadcaster.

As a former senior vice president of nine financial institutions and business analyst and reporter for Dun & Bradstreet, he continues to be a prolific commentator on geopolitical and thought-provoking topical issues and his life and work have been featured on TV and radio and in newspapers and magazines worldwide.

He is the founder of OLS Global, creator of Papa Balloons and host of the Hope Street and Reflections international radio programmes.

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