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When Men Fall

     The hunger of nations, the hunger of men, the subjugation of the people, the glory of nations past, the fortunes of doom beating on impoverished drums, a nation of want, a nation at war, the human cry, man is fallen upon the earth, the church in shadows.

     The councils of peoples on the Kingdom of the Earth, the nations of the world, a government of men, children of wrath drunk in Eden in the breadth of civil war when we choose to launch its flame, when we suffer, when we die, when we march in silent candlelight with legends from our past giving cups of water to the thirsty from tears of thousands shed distilled in the darkness when hearts will bleed. Only in the world of champions haunted by the ghosts that ruled in the presence of war on the path of hope, a generation of slaves chosen at night, the glory standing, the spirit touched.

     In the wisdom of time that test men’s minds, in the suffering of nations, in a surrender of silences in evening when we cry, the years woven and interwoven with tears, the rose remembered tenderly in the death of a mistress, in the breath of a kiss,  when winter came without flowers, the earth and church in ruins in the tide of revolutions, the death of empire, when tensions rise, when we fall like the leaves of Eden in the surrender to death.

     But when freedom whispers, when freedom be heard, when freedom be found, when freedom stands, and we get up again, we seek to find peace in the vestiges of a war-torn world when freedom speaks through tears the moment we surrender to Him.

-The End-

Word Count: 671

Dominic Mance

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