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Dominic Mance reached the pinnacle of success as an international banker but walked away from it all and became a homeless vagabond overnight then reemerged from the ashes to become an author, artist, composer and broadcaster.
A former senior bank vice president of nine financial institutions and business analyst and reporter for Dun & Bradstreet, he continues to be a prolific commentator on geopolitical and thought-provoking topical issues and his life and work have been featured on TV and radio and in newspapers and magazines worldwide. 
He is the founder of OLS Global, creator of Papa Balloons and host of the Hope Street and Reflections international radio programmes.


Unshackled Radio Drama broadcast worldwide 

World Radio Programme brioadcast worldwide

Beyond the Call broadcast on radio worldwide

The Harvest Show simulcast live on TV & radio worldwide

War Cry Magazine worldwide

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Dominic Mance

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Longest Running Radio Drama in Broadcast History!

3,100 Radio Stations Worldwide! Translated & Re-dramatized in 14 Countries!





Directed by Bob O'Donnell*Starring Roger Mueller*Also with Jill Shellabarger*Russ Reed*Fern Persons*

Mike Bacarella*David Stuart*Lindsey Branson, Sound Effects*Ed Webb & Patrick Wood, Sound Engineers*
Kennetha Gaebler, Script*Flossie McNeil, Coordinator*Bob O'Donnell, Announcer

Desencadenados is produced in Buenas Aires, Argentina and broadcast in the US, Mexico and worldwide


Wyzwolony - The Dominic Mance Story
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Wyzwolony is broadcast in Poland by Radio CCM on the following stations: 93.4 FM Gliwice*90.5 FM Cieszyn*94.9 FM Owiecim*97.6 FM Bielsko-Biala*107.1 FM Ustron-Wisla

The programme is also available online to Polish listeners on Odkryj Radio








Promo - Dominic Mance
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World Radio Programme - Dominic Mance
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World Radio Programme is an international radio show hosted by Eric Skattebo in Australia

World Radio – The programme that introduces you to interesting people, places

and things located throughout the world...

Beyond the Call - From Wealth to Poverty
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Beyond the Call is a daily one-minute radio programme aired in nearly 1,000 communities in the U.S. and internationally. The programme is hosted by Ron Cline

UNSHACKLED! - The Dominic Mance Story
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Promo - Dominic Mance
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The War Cry is the official magazine of The Salvation Army

and is distributed internationally

National Publication of


Dominic Mance as a young man





How I met The Salvation Army

The Harvest Show
with Debra Maffett

How do you go from an international banker overseeing multi-billion dollar portfolios to a homeless vagabond who can't hold a job for ten years; and then, re-emerge from the ashes to become a writer, artist, singer/songwriter and radio broadcaster? 
Find out in this exclusive interview with Dominic Mance, hosted by former Miss America, Debra Maffett, and simulcast live on TV and radio worldwide, as he shares how losing his life helped save his life

North American coverage of approx. 46 million homes via DirecTV ch. 321, twelve LeSEA stations, cable, and syndication around the country. Middle East Television (METV) satellite reaches 73 million homes in Israel and 15 surrounding nations on channel 24 on cable to Israel.  Far East Television (FETV) airs LeSEA Broadcasting to approximately 4.3 billion people in Asia, Australia, all of Europe and Africa. European coverage is 78 million homes with the Wonderful Network and 8 million homes in Argentina on Canal Luz. 
The programme is also transmitted on 5 international stations to 1 billion radios on the planet

Desencadenados - The Dominic Mance Story
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